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联系 希望将亚太地区的优势资源和创新与西方的产品设计和市场战略更加紧密地结合起来。 VivoCity 商业园,上海 首页
销售与供应 通过全面管理数字和零售网络 跨越多平台进入全球最大的市场。欧希维斯利用一系列销售渠道包括商店特许经营和在线销售,管理产品和服务。我们的商业模式不断适应快速变化的B2B和B2C。 Weijing Center, 2337 Gudai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 首页 销售平台 中国向高价值制造业的转变最明显的莫过于华东地区,一些西方国家对科技商业园区的投资在整个地区都很明显。 江苏制造 db-cade.com 我们内部的制造和采购基地位于中国极具创新的科技发展地区-江苏常州。 江苏省 供应和制制造 位于中国现代制造业的中心 常州市、江苏省, 中国 首页 Contact 维璟中心
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TEIBAR NEOSTEIN ALDE FOLIO INCUS 2018 2020 2021 2021 2022 点击下面的标题, 来获得OSIVISO品牌和产品最新的资讯。 首页 Brand - Neostein A genuinely disruptive technology forged in the technological advanced markets of the Asia Pacific. Replacing traditional sound-reproducing technologies with something entirely new is what drives the Neostein community.

The neostein lineup is the result of several years work in the consumer electronics sector where demand for full-range miniaturised high-performance invisible loudspeakers drove innovation. Today, neostein has created several design patents in the areas of product installation and novel audio enchantment.

Neostein products will be available globally via a strategic partnership to be announced at the end of 2020.
neostein.com 2020 Neostein Invisible Loudspeakers
Brand - Alde alde-audio.com Alde aims to create a new generation of hifi consumer who not only expects exceptional audio but is looking for something different.

The River Alde runs through the heart of a region on the Suffolk coast, known not only for its outstanding natural beauty, but also its rich musical heritage.

Alde takes inspiration from that very landscape and culture that together have inspired many composers and musicians throughout history. Each Alde design aims to reflect those qualities in the visual and listening experience.
New Hi-Fi Alde 2021
Brand - Teibar teibar.com 2018 Teibar Invisible Loudspeakers Invisible loudspeakers developed in conjunction with supporting third party brands to create a variety of media packages including 5.1 Home Cinema, Stereo and Multichannel solutions.

From a product perspective, Teibar found its distinct and innovative approach in sub-satellite sets achieving fully integrated 2-way designs forming its flagship series.

The brand is focussed on achieving harmony in interior design and audio excellence, which has naturally placed an emphasis on subwoofer design and integration.
Brand - folio foliosound.com 2021 Folio On-wall Speakers Folio recognises loudspeaker design that extends beyond form following function.
Plenty of designers and manufactures have looked at advancing conventional designs, often with great success, but at Folio we wanted to start from a place where our users could maximise their input to our designs.

Taking advantage of alternative loudspeaker technologies including, Folio has developed a range of low-profile on-wall speaker units that the user can customise to their tastes.
Identity can be crafted with each Folio design via their standard, curated and custom designs.
Brand - Incus 2022 Incus Bio-mould Headphones The design value of ear pods and their universal acceptance in impacting the world. Moulded to your own unique ear shape, Incus biometric headphones give the listener a personal fit just as stage musicians currently do for in-ear monitoring.

Incus aligns itself with idea that humans and technology will interface more closely in future, and this will require a new approach to the current ‘one size fits all’ approach both ergonomically and areas of sound performance.

Developed in line with the latest advances in 3D ear-mapping for ultimate comfort and enhanced noise cancellation efficiency, Incus is positioned at the forefront of personalised listening devices.
coming soon...

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